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How to Read the Histogram

The Histogram is one of the most useful tools on your camera once you understand how it works. This simple graph can give you a good deal of information about the picture you just took, especially when outdoors and your LCD screen is hard to see clearly. The histogram is also one of the most widely misunderstood features of your camera, but this article will help you to understand how to interpret what it is telling you. Read more How to Read the Histogram

Fall Photography Tips

Fall is my favorite time of year for photography. Mother Nature puts on a spectacular color display that doesn’t last very long. As the temperatures begin to cool the leaves on the trees start to change into their fall wardrobe, putting on a show that can be amazing. Leaves can start to change as early as late August and can be as late as mid October depending on Temperatures, moisture and other factors, but once the leaves start to change, you can count on the show not lasting very long. Because it is so short lived, it pays to be prepared and with that in mind here are some fall photography tips to help you improve your fall images. Read more Fall Photography Tips

The Blue Hour – Take better pictures at night

Have you ever wanted to learn to take better pictures at night? Here is the biggest secret: there is a very narrow window of opportunity for shooting amazing images of lit architecture at night called “The Blue Hour”. This is really a misnomer because it is not even close to an hour, but more like about 20-30 minutes where the sky is this amazing blue color from the suns light still illuminating the atmosphere after the sun has passed below the horizon. The blue hour happens approximately 15-30 minutes after the sun officially sets. Using an app on your smart phone you can calculate the time when this is expected to happen for any given day. Read more The Blue Hour – Take better pictures at night

It’s not the camera!

Allow me to share a secret with you. It’s not the camera that takes great pictures, it’s the Photographer. How often have you heard someone say “That’s a great picture, you must have a really nice camera”? Yeah, me, too. It is frustrating when people attribute all of your hard work to the equipment. Read more It’s not the camera!

How to Make a Sunburst

After my wife and I returned from our Disneyland vacation one of the images I shared on social media prompted a lot of “how did you do that” questions. A perfect opportunity for another teaching point. In this post I will show you how to make a sunburst without using Photoshop or other software. Read more How to Make a Sunburst

Taking the picture is the first step…

When I first started using a DSLR I was disappointed with my results. I was used to shooting slide film where everything had to be just right at the time of capture since the slide was the final result. When I started using a DSLR I felt like I was always tweaking my images. Read more Taking the picture is the first step…