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Organizing Your Images: You Need a DAM System

One of the biggest issues that has faced photographers since the beginning of time is how to organize your images so that you can find them later. Digital has further complicated this issue since most photographers shoot significantly more images now than we did when we shot with film. But one of the advantages digital offers us is the ability to organize each image with multiple ways to find them. The big problem now is figuring out a system that works for you. Read more Organizing Your Images: You Need a DAM System

You Spin Me Right Round

It is fun to get creative even when taking “snapshots” and that is when photography becomes even more rewarding.  Amusement and Theme parks are full of amazing opportunities for images and last year my wife and I visited Disneyland without the kids (Hence the BIG smiles). I always strive to take some fun pictures that require you to get outside of the Automatic or Program modes. Read more You Spin Me Right Round

RAW vs JPEG Real World Example

There has been a debate since the beginning of serious digital photography: Should you shoot in RAW or Jpeg? I personally choose based on the final goal of the image. If I am shooting a serious landscape, or other image where I know I am going to do additional post processing in Lightroom later (see the previous tip), then I shoot in RAW. If I am shooting my kids birthday party for my wife to use for scrapbooking, I shoot in Jpeg. But why the difference? First we have to understand what the practical difference is between RAW vs JPEG. Read more RAW vs JPEG Real World Example

Recommended Camera Settings

I am asked quite often what camera settings I use.  This is a difficult question since I change several settings based on what I am shooting.  However, there are some settings that I can recommend that I use and hardly (if ever) change.  These Recommended Camera Settings are based on a Canon 70D, but most cameras have the same settings but might refer to them differently: Read more Recommended Camera Settings

Double Take: testing a camera feature.

Welcome to my first “Teaching point” article.  In this series I plan to post a new photo and provide the camera settings and a detailed description of the how and why for the image.  It is my hope that this will help aspiring photographers to see the photo process and inspire them to experiment and grow as photographers. Read more Double Take: testing a camera feature.