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Lightroom Performance Update Coming Soon

According to dppreview.com. Adobe has announced a Lightroom performance update coming soon.  One of my frustrations with Adobe has been the slow performance of Lightroom.

According to Adobe the update will show an improvement on multi-core computers running at least 12gb of RAM. This is somewhat disappointing given that many new Computers Come with 8gb of RAM installed, and would need to be upgraded to see any improvement. Read more Lightroom Performance Update Coming Soon

How to Capture Sharp Images With Your Camera

​Capturing sharp images takes a little more work, but the additional time and effort are worthwhile. Many beginning photographers are frustrated by the lack of sharpness in their images and blame the equipment they are using. Most images that lack the critical sharpness are not caused by the equipment, but rather by the photographers themselves. Here are seven tips to show you How to Capture Sharp Images With Your Camera. Read more How to Capture Sharp Images With Your Camera

Lightroom Replacement Options and Opinions

With the latest changes to Lightroom by Adobe, many photographers seem to be looking for Lightroom Replacement Options and Opinions. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Adobe ever since they went the way of the subscription model. I have been paying $10/month for the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop subscription. With the latest announcement I tried Adobe Lightroom CC and did not like it at all. I had to cancel my plan since I changed to the 1TB cloud storage option (while it was on sale for $15/month for the first year) hoping that it would work the way I wanted it to work. Unfortunately it didn’t so I cancelled and had to go back to the original $10/month Lightroom/photoshop plan. Read more Lightroom Replacement Options and Opinions

The New Adobe Lightroom CC / Classic

Once again Adobe has seemed to rip the fabric of the universe in half by splitting Lightroom into 2 versions. Now it is available as Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Lightroom Classic. Like many, I’m not sure I like the idea of storing all my images on the cloud, especially if that cloud is controlled by someone else! My initial knee jerk reaction was to once again try and find an alternative to Adobe. The problem with that is that there is not another program that does everything that Adobe does, nor do they do most of what Adobe does nearly as well, either. Read more The New Adobe Lightroom CC / Classic

Back Button Focusing

Back button focusing is a unique concept that is not widely understood by beginning photographers. Most of my students that ask about it do so after they read about it online and ask how to set it up, but don’t really understand how it works or what the advantages and disadvantages are. This article will discuss everything you need to know about back button focusing so you can decide if it is right for you. Read more Back Button Focusing

Kayaking With a Camera

When I was a boy scout we built kayaks one summer and would take them out on lakes to paddle and fish. Ever since then I have enjoyed still water kayaking, but have been without a kayak for far too many years. I recently purchased a 10-foot kayak made by Sun Dolphin and took it out on it’s maiden voyage. I decided to visit Causey Resevoir in Northern Utah this past weekend. This lake has always captivated me and I have dreamed of exploring it by kayak for years. I imagined the photo opportunities in the 2 main forks on the eastern edges are amazing, so of course I took a camera: my Sony A6000 with the 18-55mm and 55-210mm lenses.  This will recount my adventure of kayaking with a camera. Read more Kayaking With a Camera

5 “Must Have” Photo Accessories

Many photographers buy their first camera and then go out to shoot and find that they need other accessories to go with their camera to help improve their photography. Here is a list of 5 photo accessories I strongly recommend all photographers should own: Read more 5 “Must Have” Photo Accessories

New Lithium-Ion Battery Airline Restrictions

New Lithium-Ion Battery Airline Restrictions have been announced and need to be understood by photographers who travel by air. Lithium Ion batteries (Li-Ion) are used in most digital cameras and the recent changes introduced by the airlines ensure that photographers are transporting them safely when flying. Full details of the restrictions can be found by going to http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/dgr/Pages/lithium-batteries.aspx or checking with your specific airline directly. Read more New Lithium-Ion Battery Airline Restrictions