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5 “Must Have” Photo Accessories

Many photographers buy their first camera and then go out to shoot and find that they need other accessories to go with their camera to help improve their photography. Here is a list of 5 photo accessories I strongly recommend all photographers should own: Read more 5 “Must Have” Photo Accessories

The Blue Hour – Take better pictures at night

Have you ever wanted to learn to take better pictures at night? Here is the biggest secret: there is a very narrow window of opportunity for shooting amazing images of lit architecture at night called “The Blue Hour”. This is really a misnomer because it is not even close to an hour, but more like about 20-30 minutes where the sky is this amazing blue color from the suns light still illuminating the atmosphere after the sun has passed below the horizon. The blue hour happens approximately 15-30 minutes after the sun officially sets. Using an app on your smart phone you can calculate the time when this is expected to happen for any given day. Read more The Blue Hour – Take better pictures at night