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Canon 70-300mm Replacement coming for Photokina 2016?

I am hearing rumblings of a Canon 70-300mm replacement lens coming for Photokina later this month (September 20-25) . The rumors that are currently circulating indicate the lens will be a little larger and heavier than the current 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM, will feature Canon’s newest Nano USM focusing motor and a digital distance scale. I am intrigued by the digital distance scale as this is a feature that we have seen on some of the newer Zeiss lenses. I would love to see this feature incorporated as long as it can provide more accurate distances than the traditional analog scales, and especially if it finds it’s way into wide angle lenses, indicate Depth of Field scales. This has always been a challenge for zoom lenses, but with a digital display, this could be done. Read more Canon 70-300mm Replacement coming for Photokina 2016?