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Sony Announces New A6500 Mirrorless camera

Sony has announced a new A6500 Mirrorless camera. This came as a surprise to me since they announced the A6300 a mere 8 months ago. The A6500 does not appear to be a directly replacement for the A6300, but rather a step above by offering in camera 5-axis stabilization (similar to the A7II series bodies), a touchscreen and faster processor for about $400 more than the A6300. Read more Sony Announces New A6500 Mirrorless camera

Canon Announces New Mirrorless M5 Camera and Lenses

Canon announced the much anticipated new mirrorless body, the EOS M5 camera and lenses. I have been shooting with a Sony A6000 for almost 2 years as my travel and point and shoot body for when I want to go small and light. I have overall enjoyed the Sony aside from a few issues that I hope Canon has addressed in the new M5. Read more Canon Announces New Mirrorless M5 Camera and Lenses

Sony A7s Mark II Announced

Sony surprised us with the announcement of the new A7s Mark II body. Most of us were expecting the announcement of the A6000 replacement, but this camera also makes sense since the other two A7 models have recently been updated. Like the A7II and the A7RII, the new A7s adds the 5-axis image stabilization, and maintains the high ISO performance of the A7s model. This model also adds 4k Video recording to it’s list of features. The A7sII will be available in October for $2,999. Read more Sony A7s Mark II Announced

Sony A6000 Review

The Sony A6000 is another camera that I not only recommend, but personally own as well. My wife and I went to Disneyland in 2014 and I carried with me my Canon Canon 70D with EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens and the entire time I kept thinking to myself, “I really wish I had the Sony A6000 for this trip instead”. A month after we got back, I bought mine, along with the 55-210mm lens at a killer discount. Read more Sony A6000 Review