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Great Deals on the Nikon D7100 from Adorama

Great Deals on the Nikon D7100 from Adorama.com Adorama.com. If you have been looking to get a Nikon D7100, here are some great deals on an excellent camera that I highly recommend. I have owned 2 D7100’s. Unfortunately the first one fell from my backpack on to a hard concrete floor and broke the magnesium alloy surrounding the hot shoe. Rather than fix it, I replaced it with another one. Even though I currently shoot with Canon and Sony, Nikon is still an excellent camera and at these prices, a fantastic bargain for someone looking for an advanced amateur DSLR. In addition to the Nikon D7100 deals, Adorama is also offering a great bargain on the Nikon AF-S dx 55-200mm f.4-5.6 VR lens. This is a great lightweight lens to take hiking or on travel. Image quality is good, and it has VR for less than the Non-VR version of this lens. I am sure they are closing these out with the new AF=P version of the lenses coming now. At less than $150 this is a lens that there is not really an excuse not to own one, unless of course you have an FX Nikon camera.

Here are the Great Deals on the Nikon D7100 from Adorama

The great deal on the Nikon 55-200mm Vr lens from Adorama

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