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Best Lenses for the Canon Rebel T5/T6 DSLR Cameras

Refurbished Canon Rebel T5 $209.99

I am frequently asked what are the best lenses for the Canon Rebel T5/T6 DSLR cameras. Here you will find a list of my favorite lenses for that camera. The reasons for purchasing specific lenses is very much like the reasons for selecting specific tools – make sure you select the right lens for the job. I have seen many photographers purchase lenses because they were highly recommended or tested “the best” only to become frustrated because the lens does not fit their photographic style.

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Canon Rebel T5 Review

Refurbished Canon Rebel T5 $209.99

The Canon Rebel T5 is Canon’s current budget oriented DSLR camera. Featuring the same 18mp CMOS sensor of other recent Canon DSLR’s from the Rebel series and up to the 7D, the image quality is excellent. Because of the budget price, there are some features that the camera will be lacking when compared to the Rebel T5i, but when compared to some of the other cameras in the same price range it competes quite well. Read more Canon Rebel T5 Review