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Brooks Institute Closing After 70 Years of Training Photographers

The Brooks Institute in Ventura, California has announced they are closing their doors on October 31, 2016 after 70 years of training aspiring photographers. This is very sad news as the Brooks Institute was highly recognized for their program and instruction quality.

The Brooks college taught the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film
  • Bachelor of Science in Visual Journalism
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
  • Master of Fine Arts in Photography
  • Master of Science In Scientific and Technological Imaging

It is a shame to see any business close and here is hoping that the current students will be able to transition to other schools and finish their coursework.

Photography is an increasingly competitive field for professionals, especially with the advent of the digital camera. With many people opting to use a family member or a friend to photograph their important life events or commercial work, photographers need to do more than “just buy a nice camera”. Learning to use the tools of the trade is far more important than the quality of the tools. The Brooks Institute helped aspiring photographers to not only learn the tools, but to also teach the passion that is required to be a successful working pro photographer.

According to their press release, they cite “recent changes in economic and regulatory conditions that have had a significant, prolonged negative impact on the institution”. The Brooks institute was sold to a new owner in June, 2015.

New student enrollments have ceased immediately and existing students will receive administrative and student services support through October 31, 2016.

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