I am frequently asked What camera, lens or other accessory is the best. On these pages you will find my reviews for camera gear that I have personally owned or used and tested. You will not find exhaustive reviews, but simple brief descriptions of what I think the product and link to where you can purchase it online. If you are in the Layton, Utah area I highly recommend purchasing from The Imaging Depot.

A note about shopping online. Buyer Beware!!! There are a lot of online deals that look to good to be true. Many online stores will lure you in with an incredible price only to pull the old “Bait and Switch” or sell you a gray market product. Gray market products are products that are intended for other regions of the world. Typically these will not include warranties, or the accessories that should be included such as batteries, chargers, instructions and so forth. They will sell you these for an additional charge that in the end you will wind up paying more than you would if you purchased a USA version of the product.

I prefer to shop on Amazon.com for my online purchaess and look for “Prime Eligible” status. Even if you do not belong to Amazon Prime, this tells you that the product is being shipped by Amazon themselves and not an Amazon Store that might not be as trusted.

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