Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs Nikon D3300 Camera Comparison

If you are looking for a budget friendly DSLR to get started in photography chances are you are looking at the Canon Rebel T5 vs Nikon D3300. Which one should you get? In this side-by-side comparison you can see how each camera measures up. Be sure to read my comments and conclusion for additional information.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Pricing*

  • Canon EOS Rebel T5 with 18-55mm Lens - $550
  • Canon EOS Rebel T5 with 18-55mm and 75-300mm Lenses - $750
  • Canon EOS Rebel T5 with 18-55 and 55-250 IS STM Lenses - $850

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Nikon D3300 Pricing*

  • D3300 Body with AF-S DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR Lens - $449.95

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Canon EOS Rebel T5 Advantages

  • More direct access to controls (ISO, WB, etc)
  • Longer continuous shooting in burst mode (69 jpg vs 6 jpg but note the faster frame rate of the Nikon D3300)

Nikon D3300 Advantages

  • Higher resolution (24mp vs 18mp)
  • Better battery life (700 vs 500 shots per battery charge)
  • Slightly lighter (0.95 lbs vs 1.06 lbs)
  • Slightly smaller (4.88 x 3.86 x 2.99 in vs  5.12 x 3.94 x 3.07 in)
  • Higher resolution LCD Screen (921k dots vs 460k dots)
  • Wired and wireless remote (Rebel T5 only offers wired remote option)
  • Better low light AF performance (-1ev vs 0ev)
  • Faster continuous shooting (5fps vs 3fps – but note the buffer limitation of 6 jpg vs 69 jpg on the Canon Rebel T5)
  • 1080P/60fps max video capture (vs 1080P/30fps for the Rebel T5)


Overall the Nikon D3300 wins the head to head competition on paper. It seems to be the same or better specified in almost every single category. But when it comes to operation, one thing I really like about the Canon Rebel T5 is the direct access to many of the camera settings that in the Nikon D3300 require you to go in to the menu. For example, setting your ISO on the Nikon requires you to go to the menu or use the quick access screen and this can require several button pushes before you can change the setting. Additionally, the Auto ISO setting is a different menu option than the ISO value which can be very frustrating when learning when you think you are changing your ISO value, but the camera’s auto ISO feature is overriding your decision. This is a classic example of the rubber meeting the road and the camera that appears to be better on paper isn’t.

For many people the D3300 is the better camera choice if you plan to simply use it as a point and shoot in the auto and scene modes, but if you want to learn how to use the camera and start taking control I prefer the Canon Rebel T5 instead.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Overall User Rating

4.65 out of 5

based on 1123 user reviews online.

: 75% (838)
: 20% (222)
: 3% (39)
: 1% (6)
: 2% (18)

Nikon D3300 Overall User Rating

4.73 out of 5

based on 1658 user reviews online.

: 80% (1333.56)
: 16% (257.9)
: 2% (27.18)
: 1% (19.18)
: 1% (20.18)



Spec Canon EOS Rebel T5 Nikon D3300
Sensor Size APS-C (1.6x) APS-C (1.5x)
Megapixels 18 24
Body Construction Plastic Carbon fiber, composite
Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.1 x 3.9 x 3.1 in. 4.88 x 3.86 x 2.99 in.
Weight 0.96 lbs. 0.95 lbs.
Weather Sealed No No
Dual Command Wheels No No
Viewfinder Type Pentamirror Pentamirror
Viewfinder Coverage 95 95
ISO Range 100-12800 100-1280 (extended 25600)
Mirror Lock Up Yes No
Burst Rate 3 fps 5 fps
LCD Size 3.0 in. 3.0 in.
LCD Resolution 460,000 pixels 921,000 pixels
Articulated LCD Screen No Articulation No Articulation
Touchscreen No No
Image Stabilization No No
Remote Shutter Release Wired Only Wired & Wireless (InfraRed)
WiFi No Optional
GPS No Optional
AF Points 9 11
AF Sensitivity Not Specified -1ev to +19ev
Minimum Shutter Speed 30 second 30 second
Maximum Shutter Speed 1/4000 seconds 1/4000 seconds
Flash Sync Speed Not Specified second 1/200 second
Built In Flash Yes Yes
Wireless TTL Flash No No
Video Specs 1920 x 1080: 30 fps, 25 fps, 24 fps
1280 x 720: 60 fps, 50 fps
640 x 480: 30 fps, 25 fps
1920x1080 / 60 fps
Mic In Yes Yes
Headphone Out No No
Built In Mic Stereo Mono