Canon EOS 80D vs Nikon D7200 Camera Comparison

I have owned several Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras over the years and I can honestly say both companies are excellent and one is not better than the other (although I am known to tease my Nikon photographer friends). Having owned and used both brands the biggest differences between the cameras for me come down to minor things such as the direction you turn the lens when mounting and removing it from the body (they are opposite), and the direction of the + and – exposure graphs in the viewfinder – Canon shows the “-” on the left side while Nikon shows the “+” on the left. The nikon main dial is in front of the shutter button and the Canon is behind it. the rear dials are also quite different in their placement, but in the end you get used to what you have and these differences are not a significant factor when choosing a camera unless you are a little OCD and can’t live with the exposure compensation graph being “backwards”.

Canon EOS 80D Pricing*

  • Canon EOS 80D Body Only - $1199.99
  • Canon EOS 80D w/ Ef-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens - $1399.99
  • Canon EOS 80D w/ EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens - $1799.99

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Nikon D7200 Pricing*

  • Body Only - $1199.95

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Side by Side


As you can see the two cameras are very close in height when compared side by side. The Canon EOS 80D is only 0.06 inch shorter than the Nikon D7200.


When comparing the width between the two cameras the Nikon D7200 is slightly slimmer, only 0.07 inch less than the Canon EOS 80D (not including the neck strap lug the difference is slightly more in favor of the Nikon as can be seen above).


The Nikon D7200 is a slight bit smaller in depth when compared with the Canon EOS 80D. The Nikon is almost 0.1 inch less overall. I think the Manufacturer measurements do not take the eyepiece into account as the Canon’s eyepiece sticks out from the camera body further than the Nikon’s making the Nikon appear a lot smaller than it is when compared with the Canon.


Overall the two cameras are so close that most people would not notice a difference between them. Ergonomics plays a much bigger role in any perceptible differences in size.

Canon EOS 80D Advantages

  • Fully Articulated LCD Screen
  • Dual Pixel CMOS for better AF performance in Live View and Video
  • Anti aliasing filter helps prevent Moire (but still images are not quite as sharp as the Nikon)

Nikon D7200 Advantages

  • No Anti Aliasing Filter for sharper stills (but leads to more Moire than the Canon)
  • Direct White Balance control button
  • Direct Mirror Lockup Mode on dial
  • On/Off Switch Placement


Overall the two cameras are very evenly spec’ed and selecting between them will only be easy if you already own one system or the other. In that case I would say stick with what you have and what you know rather than switching. but if you are starting over or don’t have a lot of lenses the biggest differences will come down to the ergonomics and controls of each camera. The best way to decide which one you like best will be to hold and use each camera and whichever one you like best after that is the one you should get

Canon EOS 80D Overall User Rating

4.67 out of 5

based on 353 user reviews online.

: 80% (281)
: 14% (51)
: 2% (6)
: 2% (7)
: 2% (8)

Nikon D7200 Overall User Rating

4.77 out of 5

based on 595 user reviews online.

: 84% (500.5)
: 12% (72.5)
: 1% (8)
: 1% (5.5)
: 1% (8.5)



Spec Canon EOS 80D Nikon D7200
Sensor Size APS-C (1.6x) APS-C (1.5x)
Megapixels 24 24
Body Construction Magnesium Alloy magnesium alloy for the top and rear, front carbon fiber
Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.47 x 4.14 x 3.09 in. 5.4 x 4.2 x 3 in.
Weight 1.61 lbs. 1.49 lbs.
Weather Sealed Yes Yes
Dual Command Wheels Yes Yes
Viewfinder Type Pentaprism Pentaprism
Viewfinder Coverage 100 100
ISO Range 100-25,600 100-25600 (extended 102400 black and white only)
Mirror Lock Up Yes Yes
Burst Rate 7 fps 7 fps
LCD Size 3 in. 3.2 in.
LCD Resolution 1,040,000 pixels 1,228,800 pixels
Articulated LCD Screen Tilt & Swivel No Articulation
Touchscreen Yes No
Image Stabilization No No
Remote Shutter Release Wired & Wireless (InfraRed) Wired & Wireless (InfraRed)
WiFi Yes Yes
GPS Optional Optional
AF Points 45 (all cross type) 51
AF Sensitivity -3ev -3ev
Minimum Shutter Speed 30 second 30 second
Maximum Shutter Speed 1/8000 seconds 1/8000 seconds
Flash Sync Speed second 1/250 second
Built In Flash Yes Yes
Wireless TTL Flash Yes Yes
Video Specs 1920 x 1080 @ 60fps 1920 x 1080 (60, 50, 25, 24 fps), 1280 x 720 (60, 50 fps), 640 x 424 (30, 25 fps)
Mic In Yes Yes
Headphone Out Yes Yes
Built In Mic Stereo Stereo